Image of SCROOBIUS PIP Official Screen Print
  • Image of SCROOBIUS PIP Official Screen Print

SCROOBIUS PIP Official Screen Print



SCROOBIUS PIP Official Screen Print

Yep, official print for podcaster, actor, ex-rapper and all round good egg, Scroobius Pip.

“It's always a thrill when an email drops into your virtual letter box requesting you get out your best pens and do some drawing. It's even more so when the piece of work in question is for Scroobius Pip, a human whose work I greatly admire. His Distraction Pieces podcast features a warmth and intelligence you don't get very often, plus I also love drawing men with beards.
Steve at BSI Merch had floated the idea of doing the first limited edition screen print for the Scroobius Pip Merch Empire, and Pip and I were both more than up for it.

Image-wise, I decided on the tongue-in-cheek idea of depicting Pip as a sort of icon (in every sense of the word) of podcasting, radiating his excellent distracting words throughout the internet and beyond, heightened further by this first edition featuring a layer of lustrous, gold ink. It's basically a massive version of the 'shiny' in a pack of Panini stickers” LUKE DROZD, APRIL 2020

Copies signed by Pip are available exclusively via his webstore. These are my Artist Proof copies marked with an AP, but not signed.

4 colour screen print inc. metallic gold
A2, 59.5cm x 42cm

Apologies to US buyers: shipping prices to the US have gone up massively. There is not much we can do about that a present, but are looking at alternate shipping methods.